Monday, June 25, 2007


Apparently the guys at[NSFW] decided to make a Rule 34 mascot.

How do you apply Rule 34 to DDR?

"Two mats banging each other?"

First post

A long time ago, me and my sister had a webcomic. Updated semi-regularly, I advertised on VG Cats and joined a load of webcomic banner rotation things. Most of the comics weren't that great I admit (I can't really write jokes to be honest). But one idea I had seemed to resonate with people: Rule 34.

Someone on my MSN sent me Calvin and Hobbes porn once, and I was pretty traumatised. But I realised it's the internet, that's how it goes. But I thought It'd make a funny comic and my sister drew it out and I uploaded it. Then another idea came along and I forgot about that comic.

After lots of events (work, uni, boredom) we stopped updating and eventually the website lapsed. That's the last of that I thought.

But something weird had happened.

Rule 34 had become a strange phenomenon.

Now, it seems to be a weird internet buzz thing. A google search for Rule 34 comes up with 2 main results. The Encyclopaedia Dramatica entry and the Urban Dictionary entry. Sites like 7chan have an entire /34/ board, torrents of unlikely porn have been made on deadfrog.

I told my vaguely internet savvy friend about this and he said, "How does it feel creating a fucked up internet phenomenon?"

Pretty fucking weird is the answer.