Monday, June 25, 2007

First post

A long time ago, me and my sister had a webcomic. Updated semi-regularly, I advertised on VG Cats and joined a load of webcomic banner rotation things. Most of the comics weren't that great I admit (I can't really write jokes to be honest). But one idea I had seemed to resonate with people: Rule 34.

Someone on my MSN sent me Calvin and Hobbes porn once, and I was pretty traumatised. But I realised it's the internet, that's how it goes. But I thought It'd make a funny comic and my sister drew it out and I uploaded it. Then another idea came along and I forgot about that comic.

After lots of events (work, uni, boredom) we stopped updating and eventually the website lapsed. That's the last of that I thought.

But something weird had happened.

Rule 34 had become a strange phenomenon.

Now, it seems to be a weird internet buzz thing. A google search for Rule 34 comes up with 2 main results. The Encyclopaedia Dramatica entry and the Urban Dictionary entry. Sites like 7chan have an entire /34/ board, torrents of unlikely porn have been made on deadfrog.

I told my vaguely internet savvy friend about this and he said, "How does it feel creating a fucked up internet phenomenon?"

Pretty fucking weird is the answer.



Gabe NIcholas said...

Wow. I'm kind of sorry and I'm kind of shocked

Ralph said...

i do salute you :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your REdiscovery of rule 34

KDSinLA said...

You are not getting proper credit for this on Wikipedia. "Rule 34" shunts me to "Internet pornography" and nowhere is your comic actually mentioned. It deserves to be, because the phenomenon keeps growing and it isn't about to stop.

Ogi said...
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Anonymous said...

Here's some for you

Anonymous said...

I highly doubt you created Rule 34.

Anonymous said...

Well as true as this is for some, it is not completely true.

I have a comic series and there is no porn of it yet. (i know i've looked on about every porn site known to mankind)
And all i can say to the troll who will surely see this and try, that specific troll will be hunted down and shot with a flaming dull-ended crossbow directly into their ass. then i will be sitting there laughing.

But honestly, who would make stick figure porn?
But I congradulate you sir, for starting a trend that rose to the top of a troll's arsenal of wtfs.